Assembling your Call "Purr"fect Turkey Call is something that you can do rather quickly, as demonstrated by the following steps:

1. Place the Assembly Jig on a flat surface.
2. Remove all of the clamps and the stretcher pin.


3. Install the diaphragm material into the jig with the largest width reed on the bottom. Add more pieces of the precut diaphragm material - each one a smaller width. A single, double, triple, or quad reed caller can be made with this jig. NOTE: Push smaller reeds forward in the jig.
4. Install the left side clamp and tighten securely.
5. Install the right side clamp and tighten securely.


6. Install the stretcher pin and tighten securely, forcing the diaphragm material downward.
7. Install the aluminum caller frame into the slot with the tab down, slipping it under the stretched diaphragm material (push the frame forward into the slot as far as possible).


8. Bend the frame flush by pressing down and forward.
9. Using the striker pin and a small hammer, tap downward on the bend line. This is to insure that the frame is closed tightly.


To apply back tension follow steps 9A and 9B:

9A: Use your nail to put one deep dimple in the frame as close to the bend in the frame as possible while still hitting all the reeds.

9B: Insert your tweezers into the machined slot, pull the desired tension and push a pin through the reeds into the drilled hole. Repeat on the opposite side.

Note: Only a small amount of back tension is needed.

You are now ready to proceed to Step 10.


10. Use the included nail to make four to six dimples on the aluminum frame around the horseshoe arc.


11. Fold tab over and use the striker and your hammer to close the frame tightly.
12. Remove from jig and trim excess diaphragm material with your scissors.

You are almost done. The only thing that you have left to do to finish your Call "Purr"fect Turkey Call is to tape everything together. This is pretty easy, isn't it?! Go here for instructions on taping your Call using the precut tape strips included in your package.