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After over 25 years of turkey hunting in the Missouri Ozarks, I have used nearly every type of turkey call that has hit the market!

I have always liked to use a variety of calls, but my favorite has been the mouth diaphragm call. The realistic sounds, being able to keep my hands free, and not having to use any visible body movements makes this call hard to beat!

Although diaphragm calls have been my favorite call to draw gobblers it has had its drawbacks. For instance, the packaged calls are relatively expensive (especially if you buy 2-3 every season like I have done for the past 20 or so years). I have purchased several calls that I didn't think produced a good sound, and, frankly, I was afraid to use them in the turkey woods. Also, buying a call from one year to the next that sounds the same has also been a problem.

In addition, diaphragm calls are perishable. After having the call in your mouth it is unlikely that it will last through the following season. The rubber part of the diaphragm will rot every time.

These reasons and others are why we came up with the "Call "Purr"fect Turkey Call Kit." With Call "Purr"fect you can quickly, effectively, and inexpensively build your own mouth diaphragm calls.

You can build a call that works and sounds good for you, and you will be able to reproduce it year after year.

If you want the satisfaction of making your own diaphragm calls and contributing to your calling success then Call "Purr"fect is "Purr"fect for you.

Joe Beasley President,

South Central Manufacturing Corporation

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