We have just completed a field-testing program with the North American Hunting Club in which we received their seal of approval. Ninety-three percent of the hunters that tested the product and submitted their field test report said that they would recommend the "Call "Purr"fect Turkey Call Kit" to fellow club members. Here's what some of the field testers said about the Call Purrfect kit:

I highly recommend this product. It was very easy to make a call after the first one, it only took about three minutes to make one. The calls I made sounded just as good as name brand calls. Also I was able to call a turkey in and take him with one of the calls made from this kit. Great value and savings by making your own calls since you can order more material for making calls very cheaply. Brian of Buffalo, NY.

This product was very easy to use with many different options, making a wide variety of calls easy to achieve. One of the best features was the ability to design calls to your own preference and sound, I have no suggestions for improvement, very pleased with the performance of "Call Purrfect Kit". Robert of Spring Mills, PA.

On a recent turkey hunt I was unable to find the diaphragm calls I needed at the local sporting goods stores. When I did find limited models I had to pay high prices (48 to $9 each). Now I'm no longer at their mercy. By calling in a Big Tom with a call I made myself made the hunt that much more enjoyable. Michael of Flushing, NY

I was pleasantly surprised that the kit has the ability to make the call I want. I spent too much time looking and driving to different sporting goods stores to find the call, if I can find it. This kit saves a lot of time and money. Easy ability to fine tune the next call to what I want, without having 20 store bought calls to find the one I'm specifically looking for. Don't change anything, let it the way it is, it works and is easy to use. Ernest of Roanoke, VA

I love it! It only takes minutes to make a call and have a Purrfect Turkey call, sounds like the real thing. My 13 year old daughter made her two after she watched me make two calls and they sound great too. I called a Tom in the same day I made mine and my daughter called in 2 Jakes. It's compact and easy to use. You can carry it in your pocket or backpack and make calls in minutes. Nathan of Blue Grass, VA

Its easy to use. You can quickly make several different calls to meet any of your needs or you can reproduce one several times. It beats the heck out of buying several calls, which can be expensive, and then once you find a call you like...try buying it year after year. Anthony of Seymour, IN

I would recommend this product to any Club Member. The product is great, you can make your own call the way you like it and the sounds are great. The turkeys respond great to the calls. You make your own sound with each call, one call can be made to sound like the first one you made. Club Members buy it, you'll like it. Richard of Selmer, TN

I would like to recommend the Call Purrfect calling kit to anyone who uses mouth calls. Due to the amount of different sounds that can be created with a little experimenting you can sound different from those other hunters. Also how about you Elk hunters, check it out! TZ of Mount Vernon, OH

I recommend the Call Purrfect turkey calling kit to all club members. It's easy to use. You can make a turkey call within 5 minutes. The calls work very well. I called in two Toms with it. The call has a good sound. Easy to make, easy to use. Earl of Grand Jct., MI

From: Russ Chastain, About.com Guide to Hunting & Shooting
I reviewed the Call "Purr"fect kit on my website in February 2000, you can feel free to quote an excerpt and link to the review if you like.
Here's a link to the review: http://hunting.about.com/library/weekly/aa000225.htm